Alek Tarkowski

Director, Centrum Cyfrowe
Age 40, Poland
for promoting flexible copyright models
public domain

About Alek Tarkowski

Alek Tarkowski is a sociologist, copyright reform advocate and researcher of digital society. Director of Centrum Cyfrowe, a think-and-do-tank building a digital civic society in Poland. Public Lead of Creative Commons Poland, the Polish branch of the global organization promoting flexible copyright models, for which he also works as European Policy Fellow.

Mr Tarkowski is a member of the Administrative Council of Communia, a European advocacy association supporting the digital public domain. Formerly member of the Polish Board of Digitisation, an advisory body to the Ministry of Digitisation, and member of the Board of Strategic Advisors to the Prime Minister of Poland, responsible for issues related to the development of digital society.

Alek Tarkowski is a co-author of the report "Poland 2030" and the Polish official long-term strategy for growth. Policy expert on open content and copyright policies, open and digital education, and ICT for culture and heritage. For over a decade he has been involved in building a digital commons and public domain in Poland and abroad. Author of "Alfabet nowej kultury i inne teksty", a collection of essays written together with Mirosław Filiciak.