Alja Isaković

Outreach, CubeSensors
Age 33, Slovenia
for educating and encouraging people, especially women, to learn more about computer coding
empower women

About Alja Isaković

Alja Isaković describes herself as a writer and curious geek fascinated with everything connected with online life. Her interests include social media, mobile apps, e-learning, and online communities designed for empowering people all over the world. Isaković is also dedicated to educating people in the spheres of computer coding, as well as web-based multimedia platforms such as YouTube. As she says: “A good Youtube video is worth a thousand words.”

She is a Member of the Young Advisors Expert Group on the implementation of the Digital Agenda for Europe, an initiative whose work include, for example, the Europe Code Week, a one-week celebration of coding all over Europe. She is a tech blogger, writing mostly about the uses of technology for education, a community manager at CubeSensors, and startup mentor. Ms. Isaković is also an organizer of Rail Girls events in Ljubljana, as part of the global, non-profit volunteer community aiming to give tools to women in order to better understand contemporary technologies, as well as to learn how to transfer their ideas into actual projects.

Her main ambition is to get more women excited about technology and help them join the digital revolution as individual creators. As Ms. Isaković confesses: “While I love the opportunities offered by free online courses, I believe it is also necessary to provide better local support for people, especially women, with good ideas that are never actualized due to lack of technical knowledge. That is why I would like to help make ICT education more flexible, friendly and in touch with the needs of the real world.” It is not surprising that in her work she draws inspiration from people like her – from everyone who are really passionate about what they’re doing.