Karel Janeček

Social reformer
Age 44, Czech Republic
for courage and contribution to solving democratic society issues

About Karel Janeček

How to improve democracy and fight corruption at a same time? All you need is a mathematician with endless passion for the Internet, algorithms and … skydiving. Big money is a must too, but with a turnover bigger than the Czech Republic’s budget you can worry no more. And so does Karel Janeček, an anti-corruption activist, mathematician and social reformer, whose company RSJ Algorithmic Trading is one of the biggest financial derivatives exchanges worldwide. Overwhelming success motivated him towards responsibility most businessmen seem not to notice.

The forty-one-year-old entrepreneur decided to establish a fund to support whistleblowers and curb corruption in the Czech Republic, thinking that NGO watchdogs were not effective. The initiative has changed the social approach to corruption, making people understand the economic consequences of it. The next step is to provide legislation changes concerning public procurement and protection for whistleblowers.

Mr. Janeček is also aware of the disadvantages of modern society, funding research into multiple disciplines (medicine, economics, mathematics, and contemporary art). What makes him a perfect philanthropist is his contribution to solving problems, not just giving money. Currently, he is working on a new challenge – revamping the democratic voting system. Democracy 2.1 is proposing a new voting model with multiple votes for one voter, both positive and negative. Mr. Janeček has developed a mathematical algorithm justifying the idea, and strongly believes it has the power to improve democracy worldwide.