Paul-Andre Baran-Candrea

Program Director, Biblionet
Age 43, Romania
for spreading free access to computers

About Paul-Andre Baran-Candrea

Paul-Andre Baran-Candrea is Program Director for IREX in Romania where he manages the Biblionet program, a five-year, 26.9-million-dollar Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded initiative. The project’s aim is the improvement of the lives of Romanians by providing free access to computers and the Internet through public libraries, as well as inspiring widespread institutional reform in the public library sphere.

Paul-Andre Baran-Candrea was born in Los Angeles to a Polish mother and Romanian father, in 1998 he moved to Romania as part of an intern exchange program, and later began work as a technical assistant to the British Council in developing the Romanian public administration Regional Training Centers (RTCs). In the past, Mr. Baran-Candrea has also provided consultation for University Research Co. (URC) under the Romania Health Care Reform Program. He has worked as a consultant on various public administration reform programs, including the development of a health policy toolkit and designing a public policy training to communities aimed at broadening the policy development process to both national and local government representatives. He was also responsible for initiating a nation-wide institutional assessment of local governments’ capacity to manage EU funding and provide quality citizen services.

He graduated in industrial and labor relations from the Faculty of Law at the University of Bucharest. He also holds a B.A. in Political Science from San Francisco State University. Mr. Baran-Candrea was named Digital Champion of Romania in February of 2012. He is married, and the father of Miles and Luis. In his free time he enjoys photography and traveling with his family.