Paul Balogh, Cristian Dinu

Founders, Read Forward
for promoting digital publishing

About Paul Balogh, Cristian Dinu

Paul Balogh has been working in the publishing industry for almost a decade mainly in Eastern Europe. He founded and ran an academic publishing company Zeta Books, developed an online book-selling business and setup the ebook business for Humanitas, the most prestigious publisher in Romania.

Together with Cristian Dinu he co-founded Read Forward, a company dedicated to exploring digital publishing and in 2015 moved to London to co-found another company, Learn Forward, focused entirely on education technology.

Learn Forward is a platform for active learning that helps publishers manage textbooks as services (and not as products) while at the same time assisting teachers plan and deliver their lessons. Learn Forward has been working with London-based accelerator Emerge Education and is currently raising a new seed round to strengthen its position in the UK market.

Despite his background in humanities the team has always been interested in technology and its unprecedented impact on human life. Much to their surprise this dual interest is not a hindrance but an advantage that sometimes leads to a wider understanding of the phenomena facing the modern man. Being an entrepreneur is, for him, literally the only option to build ideas into products.