Ramona Cordoș, Codin Sebastian Pop

Founders, Creative Monkeyz
for combining education and fun

About Ramona Cordoș, Codin Sebastian Pop

The Creative Monkeyz brand is centered around two big directions – entertainment and education. On the entertainment side, Creative Monkeyz develops on-line series and shows with diverse themes: RObotzi (animated series, presently on season 4), 3lar (film trailer critic show, humorous, over 90 editions, “Miez Recomand” (a show about the video recommendations platform Recomand, also developed by CM – 77 editions), “Rendam” (short funny animation), Piramida (The Pyramid – entertainment show presented by Iobagg – parody character), IOBAGG Games (a show destined not only for the gamers).

With over 70 hours of free design and animation tutorials, 5 web­shows, 2 animated series, a gaming show and a gaming and design live streaming channel, Creative Monkeyz is one of the best known Romanian online brands.

Both Ramona Cordoș and Codin Sebastian Pop are animators, multimedia artists and content creators.