Vytenis Buzas

Founder, NanoAvionics
Age 31, Lithuania
for shooting CEE space start-ups into space

About Vytenis Buzas

Vytenis Buzas is the founder of NanoAvionics, an aerospace technologies company providing small satellite solutions and services.

NanoAvionics is a Small Satellite and CubeSat mission integrator which provides products and technological solutions ranging from separate electronic and mechanical subsystems, complete integral satellite platforms to mission integration services. Company supplies various customers worldwide and has already implemented several successful satellite missions including LituanicaSAT- 1 and LituanicaSAT-2.

NanoAvionics performs intensive R&D activities and is recognised as an innovative and leading company in space industry. The company is currently developing enabling green propulsion technologies that will unlock new opportunities for Small Satellite and CubeSat applications and business.

NanoAvionics is an active member of the global small satellite community. The company is an official ESA and NASA supplier.